Inhalator Medisana 54115


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Inhalator Medisana 54115

Respiratory diseases are on the rise, and the causes are many. Our ultrasonic inhaler IN 525 gives reliable relief.Adverse environmental conditions or physical stress can lead to mucous membrane swelling in the bronchial tubes or lungs. As a result, breathing becomes a chore. Especially in times of humid weather, many people face the strain of respiratory infections and colds.The IN 525 employs mesh-technology for finest micro-membrane nebulization and is particularly effective through the high presence of respirable aerosol. Its use is soothing and relieving for children and adults alike.• For targeted treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (e.g. asthma and cold)• High efficiency through innovative micromembrane nebulisation (mesh technology) with ultrafine droplets• Particularly effective thanks to high proportion of respirable aerosols• Includes accessories: Inhaler with mask and mouthpiece for children and adults• Use for a short time in the supine position is also possible• Low-noise nebulisation• Low power consumption (no more than 0.9 Watts)• Automatic switch-off with an empty solution tank• Incl. storage case• Incl. 2 batteries (1.5V AA)• Certified medical device


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